THE 2019 ABET SYMPOSIUM: April 12, 2019,  11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

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Now that programs are rebooting their assessment processes to address the new criteria, it is an excellent time to consider making the assessment and analysis process more efficient. Most engineering programs develop assessment and analysis processes independently. This leads to duplication of efforts and significant variations of assessment processes across the same engineering school.

We will present a simple method to automate the data collection, analysis, and results using Google Forms and Tableau, across the entire College of Engineering. We will also present our checklist for ABET coordinators in all programs that will ensure that all ABET requirements are met and the necessary documentation is collected and stored in a repository maintained by the College of Engineering.

Our design for this process is focused on reducing faculty workload by developing a sparse sampling that is done every term in perpetuity. The ABET coordinator for each program is tasked with ensuring that proper achievement indices are being used and that the process is followed. We will demonstrate our system and explain how any institution can use the same process.