• Did you meet with all of your constituencies and discuss how the needs of the constituencies are consistent with the objectives?
  • Did you record the minutes and slides from these meetings?
  • Did you have bylaws that dictate the makeup of your external advisory boards to ensure that all of your constituencies are consulted?

Objectives: Minutes and Slides 

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Objectives: Bylaws

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Continuous Improvement

  • Do you have an appropriate (direct and indirect measures), systematically utilized, regular outcomes assessment process to measure the extent to which your graduates have achieved the outcomes by the time they graduate?
  • Utilizing rubrics can be great ways to ensure that you are separating specific parts of student work related to outcomes. For example, those outcomes that require that students have the ability to design something with “consideration of” x, y, z, … can be handled by giving a part of the grade to the quality of that consideration as a check list.
  • Do you have minutes of faculty meetings or retreats where you explicitly discuss the results of the outcomes assessment process as input to the continuous improvement of your program?

Continuous Improvement: Minutes Discussing Results of Outcome Assessments

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  • Do you have a MAJOR capstone design experience that is really design (not just analysis)?
  • Does your capstone design course incorporate appropriate engineering standards?
  • Does your capstone design course incorporate appropriate multiple realistic constraints?

General (from the ABET accreditation policy and procedures manual)

  • Are your program’s PEOs and Student Outcomes published on your website?
  • Have you been updating your program’s annual student enrollment and graduation data on your website each year? (ABET checks)
  • Does your program website have the correct ABET info stating that your program is accredited? It must say: …accredited by the Engineering (Computing) Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org
  • Have you developed a resource room (Box or other shared folder system)?